women who adores human pheromones

It was still early, maybe 10pm, and there had to be at least a hundred people in the club, over half of them women who adores human pheromones. Lee bought a vodka and before taking a first sip he walked straight up to the nearest hot girl and shook her hand. As he was chatting he looked into her eyes, caressed her hand, leant in close until he was almost breathing on her, talking close and intimate. That’s textbook rapid escalation. It’s intended to overwhelm a girl with confidence and sexual energy, forcing her to filter you into either “yes” or “no”. Any girl returning the caress is showing herself to be horny and into you. The biggest reason that this approach works is that it exhibits massive amounts of confidence. It’s basically “good-looking guy game” on fast-forward but Sixty had claimed that even average—looking men can have success because the initial rejections build up so much physical freedom that your vibe shoots through the roof and compensates for the lack of good looks of true pheromone users. Learn more at http://buzzwiser.net/tag/without and http://buzzwiser.net/tag/shoebuy-deals

That comes with the territory for this approach, and I was brand new at it as well. So we got started. My only opener for the whole night was seductive sexual eye contact (ii) playful smirk (iii) direct walk and (iv) handshake. Pretty much every girl heard, “Hi. I’m Nick” and was then pulled in. I did it about twenty-five times, maybe more pheromone production.

Sitting in my cold damp Latvian apartment I had another realisation. The guys who fuck loads of hot women are nothing like the urban player myth. What they actually do is sit around in their underwear trolling Plenty of Fish. They hustle in Covent Garden through wind and rain. They get shit—faced in Hoxton bars and tool big sets until one of the girls chooses him. They rapidly escalate in nightclubs and bundle girls into taxis at 2am. They get E30 Ryanair flights to foreign cities and then hole up in shithole apartments like ours plotting their next move of real pheromoens.

The real players are semi-employed because getting laid a lot is a part- time job. They have some personality flaws that drive them to master the skillset of fucking girls and little else. They sometimes fuck fatties or MILFS just to get a good story. Sometimes their sex drive is so high that they masturbate ten times a day and still stick it into a fatty just to satiate the hunger. What they don’t do-ever—is spend hundreds of pounds on fashionable clothes and grooming products, two hours getting ready, and then swan around a top-end club looking like David Beckham.

So we flew into Latvia and found ourselves in a winter wonderland. Wonderful if you were indoors sitting next to a radiator, that is. The cobbled streets were sprinkled with snow and little Old Town shops and houses looked cute with their pointy tiled roofs and thick timber doorframes. Imagine a Disney movie and you’re halfway to describing the beauty. It was Friday night so we found a nightclub. Lee was practising ”rapid escalation” at that time, something he’d picked up from a writer called Sixty Years Of Challenge. It was something I had never tried, but we were in a new environment and not one I’d likely find myself in again anytime soon, so I decided to give it a shot. I told Lee to “treat me like a student. Check out pheromones at http://buzzwiser.net/tag/weight-loss-tablets

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