V2 cigs Editor Review

If you are interested in buying the v2 brand, it is not surprising as there are a mom-load of review sites out there which are listing v2 as their top pick. The v2 cigs firm has done an excellent job of receiving their name out there. This really is no small accomplishment when you understand just how many brands are vying for consumers’ interest.

But… is all of the hoopla and consideration justified? Can a brand v2, that’s nestled in the budget price range, really bring in a #1 electronic cigarette evaluation?

We analyze. You determine.


You will be very happy to understand that v2 has a flat rate of $5 for shipping within the continental usa. All orders over $200 are given the “free shipping” standing.

They have also got expidited transportation choices if you are willing to shell out several additional bones to get the item into your hands faster. And yes, in addition they send world-wide.

Packaging and Demo

You will receive the v2 merchandise in a big magnet flip top carton that is conventional. Everything is laid out fine and isn’t hard to unpack.

One great feature is that you are given a package of coupon tickets using a discount code by v2 Cigs. Pass these out to family and friends and they get a 15% reduction off starter kits. In turn, you will receive a $15 credit on your own next order. They have dubbed this the “smoking 4 free” software.

You can save some serious cash if you are up to passing out the cards!

Take a look at the video review or the pictures to the right of the review to be able to view the layout of the packaging. It is not the cleanest packaging we have seen but we wouldn’t say it is not expensive – looking.

Battery and Charger Operation

You will get 2 batteries in the Standard Kit: 1 automatic and 1 maunal-actuated battery. You’ve got a selection of colours and whether you had enjoy shorty the standard, or long versions.

Trust us, the long battery may continue more, but it is not EXTREMELY short. It is among the longest batteries we have ever seen from any electronic cigarette business. Nearly freaky-long.

On to the stats.

After testing we discovered the long battery to continue about 150-175 drags. Considering the span of the battery, we were actually expecting more, although this really is average amongst budget range kits.

The conventional manual battery supplied a disappointing 85-120 puffs. The manual batteries should be more efficient but we simply could hardly get more than 120 puffs out of it after testing it.

We are not huge fans of batteries that are manual as you have to push on the manual button for every powderpuff. This really isn’t true, although you had believe you’d get more life from a battery which makes you work harder.

The v2 charger is fine as it’s a long cord attached (see pictures) so you can be somewhat flexible with where the electronic cigarette charges concerning the USB port. Charging the batteries takes about 2 hours for every single battery although they could be distinct spans.

Not the fastest, but definitely not the longest charge times. Watch the V2 Cigs Video below:

Cartomizer Operation

The highlight of the v2 cartomizers are the flavors. They can be flavorful and fearless. You will adore the flavors v2 has on offer as well as the e- liquid provides nicotine satisfaction that is extremely great.

Flavors on offer are: Menthol v2 Red, Sahara, Congress, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint Tea, Peppermint, and Cherry. The nicotine levels range from 18 mg, 6, 12, and 0 .

The cartomizers supply about 125175 puffs, which is average (but a bit unsatisfactory). After being sucked into the entire world of their yummy-licious flavors, you will experience a let down after about 50 puffs when the flavors’ boldness drops off significantly.

The nicotine fulfillment drops a bit off overly after approximately 50 drags. From 50 drags to about 150 drags you will get a considerably lighter flavor and a bit with all the nicotine of a throat bang.


The price of the kit will not top the charts, although for it, v2 is an excellent worth. The batteries are okay (although the paint on them is cheap and little cheesy looking), but it is the cartomizers which should be promoted. It is really unsatisfactory when cart after cart, the flavor is lost by them fast.

While the flavors of v2 are excellent, there are several other brands in this price range that hold their flavor and nicotine fulfillment somewhat more. Finally, this really is totally what it is about.

V2 is a strong product with some actual positives.

Visit V2 Cigs on www.v2cigs.com

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