Things that Matter in Sports Today

Throughout time, the Holland national soccer team gave out some truly outstanding players, most of them surpassing the status of Holland soccer stars and becoming famous on an international level. Here is an overview of Holland’s all-time soccer stars that includes players such as Dennis Bergkamp, Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard or Marco Van Basten, players that have changed the way the game is played and marked their name in the international hall of fame. But enough blabber, let’s get down to business:Holland Soccer Stars Johan CruyffCruyff is considered THE most important Dutch soccer player of all times and he gained legendary status wherever he played, be it for Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona or even Feyenoord. Cruyff is also considered third in a list of the best all times soccer players, following Pele and Maradona closely (some even say he was over Maradona, as Maradona had feats of brilliance combined with poor games, whereas Cruyff kept a high standard for himself all throughout his career). He redefined modern soccer as we know it with his game style and vision on the pitch and many football specialists agree that Johan Cruyff was one of the smartest and most calculated players ever to feel the grass of a soccer stadium. Holland Soccer Stars Ruud GullitGullit was one of the most important Holland soccer stars during the 80s and 90s and he was amongst the first to define the “complete midfielder”. That meant that he could play almost any position in midfield his coach would place him in, from a defensive role to a supporting playmaker or an attacking midfielder.

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