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This summer scuba divers heading to the Caribbean island of St Lucia are in for a very special treat as they will get the opportunity of witnessing the miraculous coral spawning, one of the most spectacular events of the mysterious underwater world. As it turns out, one of the rare places where divers can witness such a phenomenon is at the Anse Chastanet Resort, where those booking scuba diving holidays this summer will have a rare chance to be part of the coral spawning process, one of nature’s most astonishing performances. For the year 2012, coral spawning in St Lucia is expected to take place approximately one week after the last full moon of August, which is estimated to be around 6th – 9th September 2012. So if you plan a Caribbean getaway during these dates, make sure you head to St Lucia, and for the best experience make sure you stay at the Anse Chastanet Resort which is offering special night dives during this period to allow guests to witness this incredibly beautiful spectacle. To get an idea of the amazing scuba diving experience you could be enjoying in St Lucia this September, coral spawning is a very special natural event that is often described as an upside down snowstorm. This optical effect is the result of the releasing of millions of egg and sperm cells spawning from the corals and appearing underwater as huge white and pick clouds that slowly drift to the surface where fertilisation takes place. The day after divers will find the sea to be partially covered by pink slicks of coral larvae, which represent the next generation of one of the ocean’s most vital and essential organisms. A few weeks after that the larvae settle downs on the bottom of the ocean to begin the process of reef building. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

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