Push Through Pheromones

When I don’t approach any girls for a few days, it starts to feel like a “big deal” to approach a girl without pheromone cologne. It’s because you’re going against your habit, and it feels FORCED. If you make it your HABIT to approach girls, then it will feel natural every time. Changing a habit is a conscious thing. Like brushing your teeth… you’ve gotta really pay attention and DO it, even if it’s uncomfortable. The first few times you brush you’re gonna BLEED mothafucka! You’ve gotta PUSH THROUGH THAT… and eventually brushing your teeth (and approaching beautiful girls on the street) just becomes part of your daily life. You don’t need any fancy approaches. That’s part of what fucks you up with real pheromones. I remember stuff that you wrote a long time ago about Radical Honesty and David X and whatnot. Read that stuff again about pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at http://buzzwiser.net/in-boston-kolkata-juicer-machine/510 and http://buzzwiser.net/tag/primary

The most effective thing I’ve found is to just walk up to a girl and say “Hi” and wait for her to respond. Expect her to want to have a conversation with you! Most people WANT to interact with other people. If someone opens up that line of communication… they’re glad to indulge. Imagine it. An average looking girl walks up to you and says “Hi,” and just stands there patiently, looking at you with a serene & friendly smile. Even if it was a fat pimply girl who did that, you’d still have to feel good about the interaction. Even if it was a squirrel, or a dog, or a cat, just comes up to you and says “hi” by looking at you… you know? It’s opening up a channel of real interpersonal connection. It is LOVE. You just can’t go wrong with that. You can go wherever you want with this interaction of androstenone pheromones. Today I walked up to a girl and said “Hi.” She didn’t answer, she just looked at me. I seriously thought she might not have understood me. I said “Do you speak English?” She laughed. She’s like “Do I know you?” I said “Nahhh.” She gave me a look like “So why are you talking to me?” I said “I’m bored, I’ve got nothing better to do than to talk to you.” We ended up having a very interesting interaction… lots of IOIs, but boyfriend. *shrug* Anyway back to my point about pheromone attraction JUST DO IT! It’s like jumping in the pool. Make it a habit! The first few times you’re going to be really nervous and the girls are going to get scared away. Ooooh no, your self-esteem will never recover. The next few times you’ll choke on your words and won’t know what to say. The girls will think you’re a dork and walk away. The next few times you’ll catch a girl’s interest, but won’t be able to follow through with any real substantive conversation. She will be very disappointed. She might even kill herself over poor pheromones. Learn more at http://buzzwiser.net/follow-a-runners-diet-recipes-for/701

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