Preparing Your Picture For an Oval Frame

The first step is to remove the glass and backing from the oval frame to expose the oval frame. Next, place the frame over the picture to receive a feel for how the picture will look in the frame. When you are satisfied with how the picture looks, it is time to move onto cutting your picture to fit your oval frame.

Now that you have chosen the oval frame you require, it is time to prepare your picture to fit in to the frame. There’s a few steps you require to take to make definite your picture will look its best in your new oval frame. Following these steps will make the method simple.


Carefully lift the frame from your picture and position the oval glass where the frame was. Fine-tune the location of the glass until you are satisfied with how the picture looks within the oval. Be very cautious when adjusting the glass over the picture as you doesn’t require it to scratch the picture. You can also get these frames from

One time the glass is placed where you think you require it, check to be definite the picture is centered and will be straight in the oval frame. The picture in the picture ought to not be tilted or you will have a lopsided picture. Regardless of the object of your picture, it is important that the general spacing in the frame is centered horizontally and vertically. You require the person or couple in the midst of the frame, not off to side. A helpful hint for vertical spacing is to have the person’s head 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the frame. That way the spacing at the top of the frame will fit with the remainder of the picture alignment.

One time satisfied with the location of the picture, gently trace a narrow line around the glass onto the front of the picture with a ball point pen. Do not use a marker pen as it will bleed onto your picture, as well as a sharp pen or pencil may scratch your picture. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the traced oval line. To keep away from leaving a rough cut edge or possibly damaging your picture does not use a dull pair of scissors.

Tidy the glass with a lint-free cloth and permit it to dry before placing your picture in to the frame. One time all that is done it is time to put the frame and picture together.

Most frames come with backing, but if your frame did not, you can generate your own using cardboard or archival mat board. Using the frame as your template, you will require placing the frame faces up on the cardboard/mat board, sliding the pen underneath the frame and tracing around the fringe of the frame. Cut the cardboard/mat board and assemble your oval picture frame.

To complete your frame (in case you made your own backing), tiny brads (about 1/4″ long) can be gently pushed in to the wood siding of the frame to secure the backing.

Most high quality frames include the hanging hardware you require, but it is wise to ask the frame retailer to be definite they are included. You can also follow this link for additional info.

Hopefully these steps will help you prepare your picture with ease and encourage you to make use of oval frames to help decorate your home.

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