Online Pheromone Usage

“ Onlinedatingsucks !” theyscream ,“Itdoesn’t work!” Theyincorrectly think online dating works like meeting women at a club. These guys know they can “open” three or four women at a bar or a club and at least one of them will start talking to them. Online dating doesn’t work this way through pheromones. The number of outgoing openers you need to send will be much greater. We’ll cover this in detail soon. We’ll cover setting up a spreadsheet to maintain an easy-to-use list of all the women you’ll be dealing with natural pheromones. The use of a spreadsheet is completely optional of course, and you don’t have to do it. Learn more at and, if you’re doing online dating correctly, you’ll be working with a lot of different women at once and, without a spreadsheet, you’ll lose some through the cracks. “A spreadsheet? Really? C’mon man, that’s dumb.” Like I said, you don’t have to use a spreadsheet at all, and you’re free to skip Chapter 13 which describes that part of the system. If you’re only messaging five women, obviously you don’t need a spreadsheet, but if you’re only messaging five women it means you’re doing this wrong. Moreover, unless you have a photographic memory, if you put in the numbers and don’t use some kind of written list, you will miss out on women you could have met. As the saying goes, “Ask me how I know about human pheromones.” Rule Number 3: Stop Complimenting Women’s Appearance With Pheromones One of the biggest, most common, and most lethal mistakes men make with online dating (and in real life dating too) is they compliment women too much . You need to understand that the girl you’re messaging is already getting bombarded by literally hundreds of guys, all of whom are telling her how hot she is, or how badly they want to have sex with her, and even messaging her pictures of their penises. If you come along and start complimenting her too, she’s going to instantly categorize you as just another chump. Your odds of ever seeing a woman in real life drop like a stone if you compliment her appearance in any way online or over texts. You need to break the habit, if you have it, of complimenting women’s appearance, especially online pheromone users. Think about it. Cool, confident Alpha Males with options don’t need to compliment women. The fact that you aren’t complimenting her not only sets you apart, but also arouses her attraction, and the prettier and more accustomed to compliments she is, the more this is true. If you absolutely must compliment a woman online, make sure you compliment something that has nothing to do with her appearance. Also make it a very distant, ambiguous compliment. For example, sometimes one of my online openers will include “You seem interesting.” This is okay, since it has nothing whatsoever to do with her appearance, and the word seem makes the compliment ambiguous. This way I’m being nice and polite, but not pressing any “beta buttons.” I consider it a hard and fast rule to never compliment a woman’s appearance in any way until after I’ve had sex with her at least twice, since by then she’s locked in to me and it doesn’t matter. I strongly suggest you adopt the same policy. I would write a lot more about this (and I have on my blog), but we have other things to get to. Bottom line, if you want to keep your online dating results at maximum levels, stop complimenting women’s appearance. Period. Fight the urge and don’t do it. I can’t stress this enough.

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