Noticing My Pheromones

I’m noticing a few things with reading my pheromones story. I’m starting to get past memories come up when I was doing well with girls and realizing where I could have done better… so my subconscious is definately starting to sort for that information which is what I want.
I’ve also been working on each time I go out and there was girls I wanted to approach but didn’t, when in bed I imagine approaching them sucessfully, like I change the whole scenario around to actually approaching her real pheromones.
But the last few times i’ve been out i’ve seen a few cute girls (normal situations, didn’t goto clubs this weekend) and haven’t approached, and have been frustrated. The challenge is after several years of not doing it and just looking at the girls and thinking they are sexy, sometimes I don’t even think of approaching because it’s a habit not to use pheromones.
But today i’m just starting Mark Mansons approach program which will help. It looks like it’s going to talk about some of the mistakes i’ve made in the past like throwing myself in the deep end which always seemed to make things worse after doing it a few times. I’m glad it’s based on CBT and learning to manage anxiety because that is needed along with the taking action. From what i’ve seen of the first video so far he is covering how to actually deal with that instead of just brute force of natural pheromones.
After a while they went to have a smoke and I wondered if it was to get away from me or not. I went to the toilet and I was getting fear coming up because I could tell she likes me and I tend to get too attached to outcomes and get uncomfortable alot of the time when I notice that, where before everything was okay. I went for a piss and did a bit of deep breathing while feeling it in my body and allowing it to be there and some visualization. I have stumbled upon some of your posts seems like you have a lot of baggage around girls and you do a lot of visualization eft undoing etc to get rid of it but from the looks of it you are still going home with you dick in your hands and no real pheromones results to show for it yet …. Learn more about pheromones at
There is only two methods if sex is what you want first one is keep what you are doing and maybe girls will approach you after you have done your brent story and release your baggage. Check out pheromones at
Or just say I am ugly as fuck I have no money no life and a small penis so what I am going to approach the girls I like and try to have sex with them or creep them out …
BUT the way you approach girls is different , you see a girl you like and go straight up to her (it takes only 5s of courage) don’t think about it just do it and try to survive later … look her deep in the eyes say hi or whatever talk slowly and get closer to her , hold eye contact , have pauses when you talk , don’t try to respond too quick , embrace silence and LOOK at her , if in a club get even more closer to her start touching her pheromone receptors …. if she gives u any shit tests be humble and ignore it , lead her , isolate if you can , invite her to your place .

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