Green tea to lose weight and burn fat

Cup of tea verdeQuando we talk about diet, green tea has rapidly gained a reputation as being one of the best and cheapest foods to help you lose weight and burn fat without causing negative side effects associated with other types of remedies.

Weight loss

In several studies, green tea has been shown to have a direct effect and be effective for losing weight. Drinking almost every type of liquid with meals can help remove the appetite; However, green tea gives a greater feeling of “fullness” than other garcinia cambogia male weight loss types of beverages, including water or other types of tea. This feeling of fullness leads to a reduction in the amount of food you need to feel satisfied, and this naturally involves a loss of weight.

A more scientific level, green tea has been shown to reduce levels of glucose by suppressing the movement of sugars into fat cells. Green tea is also an effective diuretic – removes excess water from the body (without causing dehydration), which can reduce not only the look swollen, but the actual weight.

Some studies argue optimistically that drinking four or five cups of green tea a day can lead to a loss of weight of 500 g or more per week. According to conservative estimates should be taken daily for at least three months to see significant results.

However, most studies confirm that incorporate green tea in your daily diet significantly reduces the weight over time.

Fat burning benefits

teaIl Oolong green tea is especially effective when you want to burn fat. It facilitates the process in many different ways. For starters, green tea contains catechins and polyphenols, which not only help to speed up the metabolism of the body – which means that fats and calories are burned faster – but that also help to reduce cholesterol.

Catechins, or in the case of green tea, Epigallocatechin gallate, are a type of chemical that stimulates Thermogenesis, the natural process of the body to burn fat and produce energy. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that is thought to slow down the effects of aging and help to speed up your metabolism.

Green tea has been shown to slow the release of carbohydrates in the body. The slowdown in levels of carbohydrates prevents the increase in insulin levels, which forces the body to burn fat.

A matter of particular concern is that green tea is very helpful in reducing belly fat-notoriously one of the most difficult things to lose to anyone familiar with the diet plans and weight loss. In addition, the antioxidant properties of green tea have been shown to be many times more effective in promoting health than vitamins C or E.

Where to buy green tea

The growing popularity of the uses of green tea as healthy remedy has led to an increase of vitamin supplements containing green tea extract in their formula. However, the vitamins over time can prove to be a burden to the economy. For those looking for a cheaper solution, the cheapest way to get regular doses of green tea is simply preparing the infusion and then drink it. The benefits are the same and you won’t spend so much. Drink hot tea has the added advantage of relax while you drink – thereby reducing the amount of calories that the body would need all at once.

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