For human pheromone attraction

ANYWAY, back to the party, met her, hugged her, played with her hair and off I was, meeting other people. Eventually I sat alone at the bar and ordered water (I was on a no-alcohol streak for two months). And suddenly an incredibly hot girl sat down beside me and wondered what pheromone spray I was using. I answered ‘Pherazone’ and we had some small-talk with real pheromones. 
I said I recognised her from an event she hosted earlier on pheromone attraction in humans. She seemed surprised and wondered how the hell I remembered her pheromone research. Like fucking James Bond I said ‘I’m not blind’ (IE acknowledging she’s fucking hot without actually using it as a compliment). She called me out on being cocky and then challenged me as she was sure she was more confident than I am (‘game on’ I thought). 
She practically dragged me to the dance-floor and there we were slowly dancing, I’m sure she could feel my hard dick. When I felt I had nothing to say I leaned in for a kiss and that’s where she stopped and asked ‘Do you really think I’m that easy?” to which I just laughed and responded with a full ‘Yes I do”. She loves pheromone perfumes.
And off she was. I shrugged and went about my business. I did gave it some thought and concluded that there really wasn’t a right way to answer that question. And it was okay, it’s a student organisation so everyone knew everyone and it’s understandable girls are worried about their reputation. Especially the new ones with true pheromones. 
30 minutes later she came back to me and wanted to hook up again. Confessed to me that she was ‘a bit weird to ‘use scented pheromones’. I dismissed her but also said not to worry about it. Something she seemed to have difficulty accepting her new pheromone production. 
All in all a great night for human pheromone attraction according to and
The date was fun, way more cute and warm than at the party. When we left the place she came on to me but I actually did have a deadline to meet for 12am for my work at a consultancy and I feared I might get distracted if we would kiss now. So I told her we would meet up for another day according to
After the weekend (always after the weekend) I contacted her over facebook again (I really regret not having asked for a number earlier). No response. A few days later, the date already passed, I tried again, busting on her for being shy. She apologised and told me she had something else the NEXT thursday. I busted on her more for not having figured out it was LAST thursday and that I was too busy that week anyway. She was heavily involved in using pheromone perfume to increase sexual attraction in women pheromones.
No pheromone response again. 
A week went by and I went to a new year’s eve party. By a freak coincidence she was at a party NEXT DOOR. You really can’t make this up. Anyway, we saw each other at 0:10 am and I hugged her and introduced her to my friend. Some stupid chat and we parted again. 

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