Laser Teeth Whitening Maidenhead 2014

Dayton, OH – Americans are passionate about obtaining a bright and sparkling smile, which is why teeth whitening has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry, yet treatments at dental offices can range from $500 to $1,000, and at-home products typically take a while to produce results. Recognizing a need for a place for people to visit that provides effective teeth whitening at wallet-friendly prices, Dayton-based Maui Whitening has carved a niche in this rapidly escalating field.

PS I keep a small amount of Coconut oil in a little jar, & just put it in hot water for 30 secs & its ready. Microwaving is not good for you, especially oils. The hot water is just as fast if the jar is small. I use coconut oil to remove makeup & people always ask about my skin. I have been wanting to try oil pulling for a while now but, because I have many metal fillings, I’ve put it off not knowing if it could be counterproductive. Any info would be great! That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions, but when messaging people we don’t know on the internet, we are forced to speak in generalities.

I’m not a dentist, but as a chemist, it seems unlikely that there would be a problem from a chemical perspective between metal fillings and vegetable oils (yes, even natural organic coconut oil is a chemical). I’d be more concerned about people who have non-metal/resin fillings. I’ll ask this question on my Facebook wall this week and see what people say, okay? We’ll get back to you in a few days! AND, DO take another high-fat snack, again, to bond with toxic junk let loose by dental work, to get it out of the body via the digestive tract, in case anything goes there.

One old saying: hurt-good is OK like some deep tissue massages, or a light-case of flu, for instance, hurt-bad is not like getting beaten up or having really bad flu: each person can tell for themselves, where that cut-off point is, and adjust how often and for how long each round of OP is done. OP does GOOD things for the body-this is one way to love yourself: you care about you, as no one else can, so you do something good, to reverse health issues, to feel better in the long run.

IF someone is loaded with toxicity, it takes time, patience, and persistence, gently bringing the body along until you are able to do more, healthier. There’s some heavy psychology involved in human feed-back loops, NOT related to OP’ing itself, but in trying something new, and learning how to individualize it effectively. To prepare for Zoom! whitening, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.

I also use, to great effect, the Dental Herb Company’s Tooth and Gums Tonic” mouthwash, which also works instead of toothpaste. I had visible cracks in front teeth, glass-clear edges, and some tiny pre-cavity holes in a couple places-these ALL seem to be healing up. The clear-edged teeth are properly re-mineralized, nice and white. The visible line cracks in a few teeth, have disappeared. The tiny hole apparently also disappeared, since the dentist couldn’t find it last time. Do yourself and your basically good teeth a favor: only consume what’s healthy for long-term decent health!

The transparent teeth edges were noticeably re-mineralized, but not entirely, in just 2 weeks; it took at least a month before the clear edges all turned back to healthy tooth-white. A friend mentioned to me about oil pulling. I thought it was all bull, but being desperate, I thought I’d try it. I pulled oil twice a day, once in the morning before ingesting anything, and once before dinner.

Lo and behold, I went back to the doctor and all the water was gone! I was a firm believer after that. Since then I’ve oil pulled and I hardly ever get sick anymore. Attempts to talk with the company FAILED, because the Rep was very cavalier about the reports of the repeated bad odor in the oil. Had to get used to oil in the mouth, but virgin coconut oil has fairly pleasant taste; had to be determined to get used to it.

I have a bridge that’s over 40 yrs old. There’s also an old patched crown that the dentist says can only be fixed by replacing that after a root canal, or pulling it. Gums REALLY respond well to OP…pocketing went away pretty fast using OP, and stubborn spots responded nicely to adding that Tooth and Gums Tonic herbal mouthwash. I avoid fluoride like plague…the form marketed is not natural like water supplies in , say, Denver—the man-made fluoride is TOXIC, and can do things like cause gums to recede. Look it up. I learned of OP many years ago, but gave up, because it was physically impossible to fit the required 1 Tblsp.” oil into my mouth, and still be able to swish it thru the teeth.

It’s saved us LOTS of money off dental work, not to mention the pain of the work, and likely pulled teeth from root canals. Currently, I have ramped up the practice, to try turning around the health of a tooth with a crown on it, the next step of which is a root canal or removal. I’d like to keep what’s left of my teeth!! The body will sequester” hide large amounts of junk, to protect itself from them, for a very long time, before symptoms of sickness show up.

BUT…OP’g could possibly stir things up, and she MIGHT have some amount of flu-like” symptoms caused by stirring up and getting rid of some toxins stored in the body. Rattle those out of their hiding places, and they can cause sickness, until they get cleaned out, or at least knocked down to smaller amounts. ALSO, the sensation of plain oil in the mouth is unpleasant for many-they’re unused to it-there’s a learning curve to this. Some people have been drilled for years that fat is bad”, and developed strong aversion to consuming any fats. OP’ing can be done using as little as one teaspoon of oil at a time, and only doing it once per morning.

Look to what’s being consumed daily, or, what’s been being consumed for a long time before changing to healthier diet. Acne can also be related to makeup, body products, cleaning agents and other irritants, and food allergies and sensitivities. Allergy to truly Organic Coconut is extremely rare-documented real cases of allergy to truly organic coconut is RARE. What HAS been heard of, though: organic” products that really aren’t, which contain residues of chemicals used to grow the crops, or process them incorrectly—such as I suspected from Spectrum Naturals story not for here, for instance.

ALSO: IF some organic, real food product, like coconut, is put on the skin, and seems to cause a rash or acne, PLEASE examine whether something else had already been residue on the skin before the organic stuff was put on the skin. He’s going on 6 weeks now and we honestly believe that because he isn’t brushing his teeth twice a day the enamel finally has a chance to come back!

For instance: we had patients who thought they were allergic to chocolate—they weren’t—they were allergic to OTHER ingredients in the chocolate they were choosing to eat, though. On a side note, I gave up commercial toothpaste and now use organic toothpaste without fluoride. I know the controversy about its benefits never ends but after all these years of faithfully using fluoride toothpaste/mouthwash, I found it never helped at all. My daughter has NEVER been to the dentist or doctor and I have never met a more health kid in my life! EVER.

Yes, I am going to try it again, because there are nothing but Glowing Reviews from people who do it daily. They tell of less dramatic experiences when they pulled than I had…lol! Not the best first experience, that’s for sure – but I bet it will get easier. I thought it was very unpalatable at first too! I wonder if the pulling impacted your sinuses directly – some say that they get drainage the first few days and then feel healthier afterward! Hope it works out that way for you! Curious, Sorry, no idea about safety with dentures. I would Google that specifically though and I’ll bet you’ll find someone who knows more than me.

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